GRUPO GRECO GRES INTERNACIONAL SL, whose activity is focused on the distribution of its ceramic products for construction, is aware of the need to develop this activity with the highest levels of environmental protection, and the highest possible level of quality in the provision of its services.

For this, it establishes an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System based on the requirements established by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, structured around this Quality and Environment policy.
GRUPO GRECO GRES INTERNACIONAL S.L. Considering the risks and opportunity inherent to its activity, it has opted for this integrated policy, which establishes the basic criteria of action that constitute the pillar on which its Integrated Management System is based and the general guidelines that are established are the following:

➢ Firm commitment in the development of its activity to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements established, as well as with other requirements that the organization subscribes related to environmental aspects so that this policy is the frame of reference to establish and review its objectives.
➢ Achieve full customers satisfaction, providing services in accordance with the established needs, expectations and requirements.
➢ Commitment to plan its activities to ensure the prevention of environmental pollution.
➢ Minimize impact environmental of our activity by influencing the management of the waste generated.
➢ Ensure the least impact possible on the environment through the hiring of specialized managers
➢ Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System.
➢ Foster relationships with customers and interested parties.
➢ Communicate the commitments acquired with Quality and the Environment to its employees and interested parties.
➢ Train and motivate your employees as a means of achieving maximum efficiency in each of the activities carried out.
➢ Ensure the communication of this Policy to all employees as part of their training and make it available to interested parties through its WEB page.

This policy provides the framework to determine and review our quality and environmental objectives, which will be drawn up and periodically reviewed, establishing a control and review of the system by the Management.

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